Will the E-Cigarette Industry Survive FDA Scrutiny?

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Elisa Planellas

Tobacco Regulations and Problems Left Unresolved

Smoking used to be a big part of mainstream culture. Tobacco advertisements were prominent in just about all the major media outlets, and there were almost no restrictions on cigarette smoking in public areas, but the turning point came in 1964 when the government recognized the fact that smoking leads to increased mortality rates.

Still, it took a while for tobacco smoking to cracked down upon more seriously across the nation. Today, there are federal laws and local regulations in place that strongly discourage smoking. While these actions have caused many to quit, such measures haven’t been enough to put an end to the problem for good.

Despite the expense, health risks, and legal issues that plague smokers, new smokers emerge every day. The potential consequences of cigarette smoking clearly hasn’t been enough to make all current smokers quit and prevent new smokers from lighting up. The call of the addiction is simply too strong.

The Emergence and Appeal of E-Cigarettes

In this information age, advancements in technology has changed the way society functions on a fundamental level – even changing the way smokers smoke. Electronic cigarettes have been introduced to the market as both quite smoking devices and a healthier, less stigmatized, more affordable way for smokers to satisfy their urges.

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