Note To Readers: American Council Health and Safety Posts its Report on Menthol

ACSH has posted its indepth analysis of  the menthol issue in the Studies Discussion Forum of the this Inteactive Public Docket.

The public is encouraged to express its views by submitting comments thereto–merely by typing in the comments section provided at the end of this post or in the alternative making a separate post in the Studies Forum.   All comments received by the public will be displayed on the Forum.

In that the ACSH study address many of the topics before the Advisory Commitee, if there is sufficient public dialogue, CRE will  send a summary report on comments received to the Advisory Committee.

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  1. Picante

    Thanks for the heads up, I think the ACSH is doing some interesting work on this issue. i was just checking out their site and it looks like some of their scientists have created an FDA shadow panel for menthol at

  2. CRE

    Thank you. We have made a post on this topic.

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