FDA details barriers for submitting SE, MRTP and New Tobacco Product applications, falsely claims agency’s goal is to reduce morbidity and mortality

Bill Godshall

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Title of article by FDA’s former CTFP director Lawrence Deyton and DHHS’ Corinne Husten falsely claims FDA‘s goal is to reduce tobacco morbidity and mortality, but then delineates many unwarranted and expensive barriers (i.e. SE, MRTP and New Product guidances) the agency has issued that effectively ban new smokeless tobacco products, and prevent smokers from being truthfully informed that smokefree alternatives are far less hazardous than cigarettes.

Understanding the Tobacco Control Act: efforts by the US Food and Drug Administration to make tobacco-related morbidity and mortality part of the USA’s past, not its future

In the article, Husten and Deyton also restate FDA’s intent to propose/approve a “deeming regulation” for OTP and reveal (without acknowledging) how Sections 905(j) and 910 of the TCA would once again ban e-cigarettes if the “deeming” regulation is approved, but fail to provide any public health benefits of the deeming regulation (as none exist).

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