FDA weighs tobacco company proposals

The Hill

By Ben Goad

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is considerating of a series of year-old regulatory recommendations issued by a coalition of tobacco companies. 

Beginning Tuesday, interested parties and members of the public will have 60 days to consider the proposal submitted to FDA in January of last year.  The recommendations relate to manufacturing practices and the industry’s interpretation of existing regulations, according to a notice to be published in the federal register.

A docket will be created for comments and related materials, including the proposal, here.

 FDA since 2009 has had authority to regulate tobacco product manufacturing, distribution and marketing. In January of last year, 13 tobacco companies with shared concerns about the industry’s regulation approached FDA with the recommendations.

In May, representatives of the companies met with FDA to make their case for the recommendations and how they would be developed. FDA has not made proposals public.

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