Chinese suppliers ship e-cigarettes to US as holiday season nears

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electronic cigarettes One of the largest makers of e-cigarettes in the Chinese mainland has announced that it will be shipping its brands to retailing outlets in the US, with their charges at a peak low, due to their determination to penetrate the market using coupons.

This comes at a time when executives of various electronic cigarettes’ companies are acknowledging the fact that more people than ever before are going to avail these vapor-emitting tobacco pipe-lookalikes as their holiday gifts.

This claim is no surprise seeing that the companies have been trying hard to meet popular demands, with the best example being the introduction of disposable electronic cigarettes, mid-this year, to help customers feel like they are using the real pipe.

In the wake of this Chinese entry into the US market, there have been a number of research findings from both sides of the Atlantic that are showing the good and the bad of e-cigars. One of these is a Greco-Harvard investigation which earlier cited that the devices may constrict the nasal ways. But the overwhelming majority of findings show that the devices can, indeed, sharpen memory and help to overcome smoking.

The makers of e-cigarettes are also saying that their brands are now more conformant than ever to the global awareness campaign dubbed NST, which aims to find lasting substitutes to smoking. The Chinese manufacturer went on to assert that the generic device and not just their brand, is the single most important tool among the horde of substitutes that have come so far in the therapeutic industry.

There is also the interesting fact that as the makers try to extinguish the flame of normal filters off the face of the planet, they are craving to make their devices imitate tobacco to the inch save for the nicotine. According to analysts, this trend emanates from a feeling that only as imitative a campaign as possible can help eradicate smoking, once and for all.

The entry of the oriental makers of electronic cigarettes into the US will be a sign that costs of the pleasure devices will drop, the quality may improve and the warranties may even extend.

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