The Fraternal Order of Police on a Menthol Ban

 The Fraternal Order of Police has sent a letter to the Commissioner of the FDA stating:

“Historically, the FOP has been very engaged in matters of public policy which impact the trafficking in illegal products. As a result, we have endured significant criticism in the past because we  questioned the wisdom of government policies which, while designed to combat youth smoking or reduce smoking overall, also greatly contributed to a rise in tobacco smuggling and a huge loss in revenue from taxes on tobacco products.”

“Black markets emerge when bans or high taxes inflate the price of product and create consumer demand for a cheaper alternative. If menthol cigarettes are banned anyone who can find a way to obtain and sell these cigarettes at a considerable profit may do so and, when the profit potential is significant enough, organized crime moves in, using its in-place smuggling networks for distributing contraband.”

The Fraternal Order of Police letter is attached herewith.

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