Governance Forum: Will the Public See Answers FDA Gives In Response to Questions Raised by Committee Members?

During  the course of TPSAC meeting,  Board members ask a number of questions to FDA  who then furnishes  information to the Board at a subsequent date.

Will the FDA responses be made public and will the public have the opportunity to comment on the responses?

See for example the following discussion among Board members:

…  As I understand, again, the question that was asked we would have to interpret  the responses as any contact with menthol– the use of menthol cigarettes in the last 30 days without  providing information on the proportion of smoking  that was menthol.

DR. SAMET: If you can help us, perhaps,  with followup on how to interpret those.
Editors Note: Please  provide your views in the “Comments” section below,  in particular your views on whether the said information should be released for public comment. Lengthy comments and/or supporting studies should be submitted the Governance Forum to the right.



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