Hennigfield’s Bluster

 Editors Note:  bluster:  “Talk in a loud, aggressive, or indignant way with little effect'”

Dr. Henningfield, a member of TPSAC, was a model of bluster yesterday at the TPSAC meeting.

Jim Tozzi of CRE  made the following  points:

l. There is a dark cloud over the TPSAC and FDA until it addresses the adverse health effects of counterfeit cigarettes.

2. TPSAC did not address the adverse health effects of counterfeit cigarettes.

3. FDA could revisit the matter when its draft report is subject to peer review.

In response a  disheveled  and visually shaken Henningfield gave a blustery statement accusing Tozzi of misleading the TPSAC.

Much to his credit, Dr. Samet, the TPSAC chair, asked Hennningfiled if he was making a statement or asking question; in order to prevent Tozzi from replying to his bluster, Henningfield said it was a comment.

Fortunately, Dr. Henningfield’s bluster is not representative of the other members of TPSAC—however, we must say that if you wish to see the best of a great bluster—catch the next performance of a disinterested and objective scientist at his best—check out the next TPSAC meeting!

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