The Overwhelming Adverse Health Effects of Contraband Cigarettes


 With each passing day, new evidence demonstrates the extreme adverse health impacts sustained by smoking contraband tobacco.

Nonetheless the public health community refuses to address this matter. Why?  CRE suspects that the public health community simply can not come to grips with the simple fact that if one is to smoke they are better off smoking legal products than illegal products.

It appears that a fair number of the public health community believe if you ignore a problem it will go away.

Given the enormity of counterfeit cigarettes on both the public and fiscal health of consumers, CRE has dedicated an Interactive Public Docket (IPD) to the issue of counterfeit cigarettes, it is titled: Counterfeit Cigarettes: An Enforcement Forum

Even a cursory review of the aforementioned site will lead one to conclude that the adverse health effects of contraband tobacco are not going away; to  the contrary they are  increasing.

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