FDA TPSAC’s Menthol Theater Closing Its Doors

Editors Note:  See  CRE Press  Release

The TPSAC is moving toward completion of its assigned task, producing a report on menthol in cigarettes—with all the drama inherent in Broadway Theater. What will be their ultimate decision?

Attached below is the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness’ statement at the March 2nd TPSAC meeting.

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  1. Ban on Menthol cigarettes

    Dear Big Brother,
    Keep your hand off my cigarettes.
    You have no scientific evidence that menthol cigarettes carry any more dangers than non-menthol cigrettes.
    Apparently, I have accepted the consequences and choose to smoke, so please no more attempts to control my life.

  2. Anonymous

    To FDA AD , Just to let you know , Ive been a menthol smoker for 43 years , 2packs a day average ,Im 52 years old and in good health so as far as your survey is concerned you know what you can do with it ! How about cigars what about all that disgusting smoke ,sucking and swallowing that disgusting juice ! menthol is just a flavor , how about no menthol gum or candy thats menthol or vaporrub, people , you need a hobby. climb a dfferent tree , you got nothing better to do with yourself but bother people with your bull lay-off will you?

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