A note to the e-cigarette community

Editors  Note:  CRE  is interested in the views of  the e-cigarette community on the February 17 post  http://www.thecre.com/tpsac/?p=1119     which  describes   the extremely  adverse health effects sustained  from smoking counterfeit cigarettes.

Also see  http://www.thecre.com/tpsacnews/?p=369

Who is CRE?

 CRE is a regulatory watchdog which ensures that federal regulators do not exceed their statutory charge to regulate. In doing so CRE acts to ensure that federal regulators comply with the “good government” laws which “regulate the regulators”.

The “good government” laws include the Data Quality Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act and Executive Order 12866-regulatory review.

In its watchdog role, CRE provides members of the public a mechanism to communicate with federal regulators; the mechanism is one  created by CRE called the Interactive Public Docket .

The comments on the Interactive Public Docket are made available to regulators and on occasion, CRE prepares White Papers on a given subject and transmits the findings to the appropriate federal regulatory agencies.

CRE personnel have a long  and  distinguished record  of federal service and have served on a number of federal advisory committees similar to  TPSAC, but CRE is a private entity funded by grants from a wide range of industries and is not related to the US government. See the Wall Street Journal on CRE http://www.thecre.com/pdf/WSJ20020705.PDF

In addition, on the right hand side of every page of the the Interactive Public Docket there is a link to “About Forum” which gives additional information,  see  http://www.thecre.com/tpsac/?page_id=28 .

Unrestricted grants allow CRE to work on a wide range of interests for which it has no corporate sponsor, including, for example,  an analytical review of  e-cigarettes  which has just begun and CRE’s  extensive history on working  for  the legalization of medical marijuana.

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  1. John Coffey

    I smoked for 34 years,didn’t want to quit. Tried a E-Cig and haven’t had a real cig in a year and don’t want one.
    I feel better with no smokers cough,I have tons more energy also.
    Mother and Father smoked for 50 years,tried E-Cigs and havent had a cig in 8 months.
    Mom used to cough so bad all the time she would almost pass out,she doesn’t cough at all now.
    My brother and Brother in law started E-Cigs when I did,they haven’t had a cig in the same amount of time.
    I started out at 24mg Nicotine(same as a full flavored cig) and after 2 months I would lower it by 6 until I got down to 0mg of Nicotine.
    I still use a E-Cig,…Why?…I love the flavors
    Most non-smokers don’t realize the Nicotine is just a fraction of the addiction,it is the hand to mouth,holding something in thier hand that people are addicted too especially to long term smokers.
    Nicotine is no more harmful to you than Caffine,it is the other ingrediants in cigs that cause the problems.
    Water is bad for you if you drink too much,this has been documented yet they allow water to be drank.
    Cars cause pollution and sitting in traffic behind a car is the equivelant of smoking a pack of smokes yet noone bans cars do they?

  2. Cammie

    I was a pack a day plus, smoker until I found e-cigarettes. No matter what I tried, the patch, Zyban, nicotine gum, inhalers you name it, it didn’t work for me.

    I was suffering. I couldn’t sleep at night because of the cough, yet each morning I was up and smoking within mins. I thought I would die with a cigarette in my hand and I am only 45.

    One day with the e-cigarette and I am smoke free. First time in so long I can’t remember. I can breath and no more cough.

    I think the line of children wanting to smoke after using an e-cigarette is bunk. Nicotine gum comes in plenty of fruit flavors and I don’t see people wanting to ban it in case a child gets a hold of it.

    E-cigarettes need to be recognized as the effective tool they are for people who want to quit smoking.

  3. Dusther

    I am sure that CRE is aware of CASAA.org (Consumer Advocates for Smoke-Free Alternatives Association) they have a lot of information on the site.

    Electronic cigarettes changed my life. I stand behind my choice to use one and no ones right to take away my freedom of choice on something that only affects me and not those around me.

  4. Anonymous

    I no longer smoke combustible cigarettes–I use ecigs and am fast approaching my 2 year anniversary quitting combustible cigarettes. The FDA,ACS,ALA,AHA should be encouraging this product rather than distorting the truth about ecigs and other forms of smokefree tobacco. They all full well know that is the combustion that kills and not the nicotine. What is the real reason for these groups to fight ecigs and what is their real agenda? Is it just raw power for a government agency and is it money or power for the “Health” groups? There is simply no rational explanation for their not telling the truth and ignoring all scientific and statistical studies.

  5. Bodhii

    I first got a PV so that I could still smoke in my car as I’m a cab driver the day my first Titan turned up was the last time I had a cigarette. I feel so much better in myself for it I was a 30 a day man before and had no plans on giving up smoking it just replaced smoking for me I did go through a week of coughing up nasty black gunk which I’m guessing is all that tar I had stuffed in my lungs over the years. I can run again I can taste again and most of all my kids are no longer near all that smoke.

  6. Gary

    I too cannot understand why all these organizations want to ban ecigs and call them just as unsafe as cigarettes. There is SO much information out there that supports the use of these devices instead of cigarettes. Why are they so against Harm Reduction? I have found a wealth of information that says they are 99% safer than cigarettes. If I can find this info, why can’t they????University studies as well from leading universities and respected individuals.

    I am coming up on my 3 month anniversary being off cigarettes! I have not had one nor wanted one since i got my ecig back in December 2010. Same as all others, I have no more cough, I can breath again, I can taste things again, and i feel much better. MY BP has even gone down and my doctor had to take me off one med and changed the other. There really is something here that needs to be looked into rather than simply banned.

    The people who who keep attacking ecigs are supposed to be looking out for the public good. No helping big PHARMA and tobacco!

  7. Lykon (james) ukvapers

    My partner and I have been using e-cigs for just over a month now. My partner has never had any intention to stop smoking but now prefers to use his ecig and has given up ordinary cigarettes completely and without any difficulty . We have literally just got back from the hospital where the consultant has been very encouraging of his switch to electronic smoking and his blood pressure was tested as normal for the first time in 15 years. We do not want to stop enjoying the effects of nicotene or vaping and are NOT using this product as some form of therapy to quit smoking. We choose to vape because we enjoy it and are also pleased to be saving money and feeling much healthier.

  8. Ray

    I smoked ordinary cigarettes for around 30 years, approximately 25 per day. I had previously tried twice to give up, once cold turkey and once using patches. I lasted a month on both occasions. My problem was the longer I went without a cigarette the more depressed I became.

    I decided to give it one more try and joined the NHS scheme. I was given counselling and prescribed Zyban. The Zyban certainly aided withdrawal but I suffered dreadfully with side effects. I went for 3 months without a cigarette. My depression got steadily worse until my doctor advised me to start smoking again, the lesser of two evils.

    Fortunately I saw an advert for e-cigarettes and decided it was worth a try. I have never looked back and have not touched an ordinary cigarette for over three years now. There is no doubt in my mind that if it were not for e-cigs I would be back on 25 or more tobacco cigarettes per day. I am however able to go longer without the need of nicotine, prior to e-cigs the need started to kick-in after about 60 minutes, now it is more like three hours or more.

    During the three months that I abstained from nicotine I noticed that everything tasted too sweet. There was no way of removing the sweetness from my mouth which is why I enjoy an e-cig especially after meals. E-cigs tick all the boxes – as well as nicotine they provide a throat hit, a slightly acidic flavour and something to do with your hands.

    I live on top of a 1 in 4 hill. Although I have never suffered any severe effects from smoking I am now able to walk rapidly up the hill without running out of breath, something which I had not been able to do for well over 15 years. I would say that I do not have quite so much energy as I did in the three months I abstained from nicotine but there again I do not suffer any depression now. If e-cigs were ever banned then I would have no option but to return to smoking normal cigarettes again.

  9. Sandy in Satsuma, FL

    I started smoking when I was 5 yrs old. I stole them from my parents who smoked. I am now 62. I have tried for many years to quit. I’ve been hypnotized, talked to doctors,tried the patches and gum. Next mo. will be 1 year since I was introduced to E-cig and I haven’t had any tobacco product since. It’s the ONLY thing that helped me.

  10. Nicko

    I accidently quit smoking 4 months ago after I bought an e-cigarette. I was a heavy smoker and had no intentions of quitting, but after a few days I realised I just preferred my e-cig. It tastes so much better than tobacco smoke and I know it’s much healthier. My cough has disappeared and I feel so much better since making the switch. Politicians and so-called health groups who are attacking e-cigs should ashamed of themselves. I would go further – they should be forced to pay for the funerals of all future lung cancer victims.

  11. ANITA

    Well, since you all like it so well, and it obviously didnt make you sick…as it did me, Would anyone be interested in purchasing mine? I have 6 cartons worth of filters (full flavor) (medium) & (low). A outlet charger and car charger, 2 batteries, and a Black case…be happy to email you pics. i can not return the stuff due to tobacco laws??? (thats what they are telling me) Which is crap because it is not a tobacco product! Anyway $300 worth of stuff ( I still have the reciept, looking to get at least $100 of my money back… pookiesgirl717@yahoo.com

  12. gotsteam

    OK, rather than parrot everything that has been said because it nearly all applies to me, I will submit my thoughts on why e-cigarettes are receiving such a hostile welcome from the FDA. I believe the pharma and tobacco lobbiests are pressuring the FDA because they have a lot to lose if the majority of cigarette smokers decide to switch to vaporizing their nicotine. Are we not talking about billions of dollars here? The next biggest losers in this deception are state and federal tax collectors. They rake in hundreds and hundreds of millions of dollars if not billions on the backs of cigarette smokers. If that revenu dries up, then what? They still have to put pictures on cigarette packs don’t they? And pay a bunch of worthless bureauc-rats too, or do they? When was the last time you heard that a bureau was closed because it was no longer needed?

    Well, that’s about all I have to say about that, other than to say that I have been free from cigarettes for over eight months now and have saved well over a thousand dollars because of it. Tell me that isn’t good.

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