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Please do not ban menthol cigarettes. I have smoked for 39 years and tried to quit twice and could not stand the coughing and stress on my heart. Also my blood pressure rose 20-30 points.


I have been a smoker for about 20 years, I have smoked many different brands and flavors. I personally just love the taste. I know quitting smoking is very very hard, but if these menthol cigarettes become illegal, I will quit. If for some reason I just cannot it looks like I will be smoking something illegal, which is very sad. I’m not they type of person to be doing illegal things, but I just don’t care for any other cigarettes. I think it’s a smokers right to smoke what they want. I believe smokers and non smokers all have their own rights, but it’s very sad that someone needs to feel that they want to control something like menthol cigarettes. So sad…to see what this world is coming too!

  JoAnn Cheely

Everything America stands for is changing. We as adults should be able to smoke    what ever brand we chose. I don’t see Alcohol being limited, why the change I think if we smoke we should be able to smoke what ever brand . I like menthol and as an American I should be able to smoke the brand I like. I don’t smoke cigars is that going to be band too.

 diane gay

It’s bad enough that the price of cigarettes has skyrocketed while alcohol prices have remained the same forever , ow they want to take away my right to smoke menthol cigarettes. enough is enough time to stop the government from playing big brother.


why banned menthol cigarettes if people want to banned this they are crazy. do you guys buy people cigarettes no. So why is this a issue it shouldnt be your not gonna stop people buying cigarettes that just crazy. we have rights and our right is to smoke what ever brand we want too. when you start buying them then you have something to complain about.What is this world coming to its just outragous leave us smokers alone bad enough the cost of them keep going up but ill still buy menthol cigarettes.


 Ok enough is enough!!! To band the prouduction of menthol cigarettes would be just like you are taking away an enjoyment that i have chosen for myself. There are more important things you should be waisting time to take care of. Why don’t you take care of the illegal drug use, the making of drugs ilegally, and the healthcare for those who need it. We decide if we want to smoke and what kind we want to smoke. So find something more important to do with this wais of time.


 leave us smokers alone! we like menthols and we should have a choice. i pay good money for cigarettes and should be able to have a choice

 Mike Splitt

I have bin smoking Newport 100’s for about 25 years and I think that we have right to smoke what ever brand that we wont to the FDA should have no say on it.
It is bad enough that we can’t smok in bars, in your car if there is someone under 16 years old soon they will say that we can’t smoke in your home it has gone far enough so they should keep there nose out of it and let us kill are sleff’s the way we wont to


Hasn’t the government taken away enough of our rights? Cigarettes are legal, menthol is legal. Drinking alcohol causes drunk driving, marijuana causes delayed reflexes. The only people we are hurting is ourselves, which is OUR CHOICE – OUR RIGHT. I’ve been smoking the majority of 25 years. I’ve tried to quit – even under Doctors care, my own doctors (yes, plural) have told me to quit trying – my stress level is too high. Think of how many of us would end up purchasing menthol cigarettes on the black market. Then, how would the government get their “tax” money?


I’m so sick tired of the government taking things away. First they stop smoking in public places. Now they want to take the menthol out of the cigarette. The first thing they tax when in need of money is the cigarettes. Where are the smoker rights? Everyone gets what they want but the smoker. This is so wrong the way government treats the smokers. Government need to set down and leave the smokers alone. We should have rights as well as the non-smokers.

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  1. Anonymous

    Leave me and my legal habits ALONE,go do something that counts like make our food safer,to eat.

  2. Zelothia Ward-Toney

    I prefer mentol cigs, please don’t ban them

  3. Anthony DiDonato, Sr.

    I will get to the point and not be polite. DO NOT BAN Menthol Cigarettes. Yes it is my right to smoke menthol cigarettes. And yes doesn’t the FDA have better things to do like making our food safer to eat without all the addatives and preservatives, or is it in the best interest of corporations and conglomerants to increase the shelf life and profits. Leave cigarettes alone you’ve done enough.

  4. Tina Makarewicz

    I have a legal right to smoke Menthol cigarettes, do not ban them.

  5. tammi

    my name is tammi and i am writing you this e-mail because i would like to voice my opinion on your research for the FDA, on the subject of banning menthol cigarettes. This is outrages and total ridiculous not to mention, that it goes against peoples right to choose what they like and want it is our right as americans, and here you are trying to take that right away from us with no good grounds for doing so at all. I for one will be starting a protest to this matter, and suggest you people find something better to do with your time and our hard earned tax dollars, you should all be very ashamed of your selfs. sincerely yours a very upset menthol smoker

  6. mike

    I can’t say that i don’t agree with the ban on smoking in public it is non-smokers right to be able to go out in public places and not have to breath in cig. smoke, but to ban menthol cig. is outrages it is my choice if i want to smoke menthol and it is a choice i have the right to make, please don’t ban menthol cigarettes!

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