Lack of Transparency: A Trend at FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products?

In the very short period of time this Interactive Public Docket has been in operation it appears that a trend of non-transparency may be emerging within FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products.

Read herein,  for example,  the unwilligness of the Center to release names of an advisory committee, the sneak attack on OMB to seek the release of a gignatic paperwork submission and finally appointing members of an advisory committee who  many say are biased without any public input.

Add to the aforementioned observations that there is only a limited input to the Center’s advisory committee on the part of the public and an exparte communication process the FDA has applied to committee members which nearly guarantees that the committee report will be written by FDA not the committee, as advertised.

Where are the enforcers of the President’s Open Government Initiative?

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  1. FDA Tracker

    Good site. This post is counter trending with FDA’s public profile. Just today they announced Phase 2 of a Transparency Plan – after reviewing thousands of comments. With all this they can’t name members of a subcommittee duly appointed and scheduled to meet in July. Where is Congressional Oversight?

  2. CRE

    Thank you for supplying this information. Please see May 20 post on the same.

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