The Ever Increasing Presence of the Misuse of a Kumbaya Based Management Strategy

Our definition of an evolving managerial concept which we characterize as the misuse of a Kumbaya based management strategy is one in which its students are schooled in a peculiar mechanism for solving very difficult problems, namely those where someone is definitely going to be a winner and where someone is definitely going to be a loser, which might best be characterized as sitting in a hot tub, holding hands, singing Kumbaya and smothering dissent by a continuum of  unwarranted compromises.

Its graduates are making a headway into  corporate America, the not-for-profit sector, the federal government and most certainly and above all–our universities. Not only is the number of its supporters increasing but their advancement in the aforementioned institutions is on the rise.  These  advancements should not go unnoticed and CRE plans to continue to highlight their deviation from accepted norms with full recognition of their limited contribution to solving societal problems.

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