Public Inquiry: What Type of Educational Background Should We Emphasize When Recruiting Employees to Work With Federal Regulators?

If you are interested in employees who are going to participate in the judicial review of federal rules, then it best you contact the law school of your choice.  However, recognizing that only a minuscule number of attorneys ever enter the aforementioned practice area, as witnessed by the fact that Administrative Law is not on the bar exam, we recommend that you broaden your search.

We believe the preferred scenario is to identify institutions which teach the intricacies  of the Administrative Procedure Act followed by those topics which are of most interest to your firm, many of which are  addressed by Administrative Conference of the US, please consult this publication.

If you search long enough you might find a law school on the same wave length as noted herein. In theory political science  curricula are ideally suited for this task but they are primarily focused on the study of theory — not getting exposed to the perils associated with the management of the administrative state.

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  1. CRE

    Several readers have asked for our recommended structural changes in college curricula.

    We believe that 3L students should be given the ability to obtain a Diploma in Administrative Law based not upon existing course material but instead the archives mentioned in the following sentence.

    Law schools could also initiate a Master of Administrative Law degree based however on the ACUS archive mentioned above and the CRE archive mentioned below.

    CRE has developed a substantial archive for course material.

    CRE also has a search engine capable of identifying key topics in its vast archive.

    We have also been asked if we have identified any particular law schools which maybe open to the above recommendations based upon the aforementioned study that we conducted based upon a discussion with representatives of a number of law schools.

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