Increasing the Transparency of the HHS Insurance Office (OCIIO): An Interactive Public Docket

  OCIIO is a new player in the healthcare and will yield considerable regulatory power.

In order to increase the transparency of this important organization,  the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness, a recognized regulatory watchdog,  has established an Interactive Public Docket (IPD) dedicated to venting its operations and alllowing the public to send it comments on a 24/7 basis.

OCIIO’s operations are subject to the “good government” statutes which “regulate the regulators”. The “good government” statutes include the Data Quality Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act and Executive Order 12966–OMB Regulatory Review.


This IPD provides a convenient mechanism to provide your views to the OCIIO on a 24/7 basis; simply click on one of the Discussion Forums to the right of this page.

The Premium Review  Forum is dedicated to  issues dealing with Section 1003 of the new health Act.

The DQA PRA EO 12866 Forum is dedicated to assessing the compliance, or lack thereof, of the information products disseminated by OCIIO with ” good government” laws,  including the Data Quality Act, the Paperwork Reduction Act and Executive Order 1266-OMB  Regulatory Review.  CRE has provided its views regarding compliance with the  DQA  and related “good government” statutes to OCIIO>

The Report and Websites Review Forum is dedicated to analyzing and reviewing reports and websites developed by OCIIO.

Finally, the OCIIO News Forum contains information dealing with the daily operations of the organization.

Please note that all the Forums are interactive and you may  provide comments and submit documents with or without your using your  name. No registration is required–simply type your comments.

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