If You Think You Can Cozy Up to the Price Control Oven and Come Out with A Tan Instead of a Burn You Are Mistaken!

Editor’s Note ; The  following statement in Inside Health Policy suggests that the insurance industry does not agree with the above caption written by CRE.  (Re: a meeting of the insurance industry with the White House)

“Kansas Insurance Commissioner Sandy Praeger described Monday’s meeting as “productive” and general. Participants did not wade deep into the specifics of the health reform implementation effort or the regulations released Monday, she said, but agreed broadly on the need to work together to implement the new law effectively. She said all participants agreed in spirit to cooperatively tackle “underlying” health care costs.”

“In a speech following the meeting, Obama by no means abandoned his pointed criticism of certain industry practices or premium hikes, but he framed the post-reform climate as an opportunity for insurers and gave at least a nod to one of the industry’s arguments about health care costs.”

“An insurance industry source who was briefed on the meeting said insurers asked the administration to consider how future regulations will affect premiums.”

“Insurance executives said during the meeting that they were on board with greater rate transparency.”

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  1. Anonymous

    The problem is that the medical providers were not at the meeting.

  2. Anonymous

    Right On!

    Today’s Post states:

    “President Obama met with the chief executives of more than a dozen major insurance companies at the White House on Tuesday to caution them against using new requirements in the recently enacted health-care reform legislation as a pretext to substantially raise premiums”

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