Data Quality and the IoT (Internet of Things)

Editor’s  Note: What a pleasant way to begin the New Year by not allowing the concepts of judicial review and benefit-cost analysis, however significant, to  virtually overwhelm  all discussions of OIRA.

OIRA is the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs. At  its founding some members of Congress would stomach the establishment of an office to oversee federal agency regulators which theretofore they believed to be solely under their jurisdiction  only on the condition that the new office would address the broad issue of “information”.  Please note “information” precedes “regulatory” in OIRA’s title.

Consequently OIRA is the agency that the Congress has designated has having the lead in ensuring that data created by the federal government is managed to address a wide variety of endpoints. Subsequent to the creation of OIRA the Congress strengthened OIRA’s role in “information” issues with the passage of the Information Quality Act.

Unfortunately subsequent to a stellar start and as a result of continued reductions in staff,  OIRA has done very little on this massive mandate. This series of posts is aimed at garnering OIRA and stakeholder support for addressing this very important mandate. What better time than with the presence of a new Administration?

IoL, the internet of things refers to the “interconnection via the internet of computing devices embedded in everyday objects, enabling them to send and receive data.” IoT (Internet of Things) is a concept with legs and opens the door  to having it serve as an umbrella for the evolving  fields of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

“Companies will indulge in digital Darwinism.  IoT,  AI and machine learning will rapidly evolve in a way we’ve never seen before,” We are rapidly approaching a collision between the goals of efficiency, privacy and due process.  Furthermore even when IoT systems are secure, if the data therein is inaccurate the actions propelled by IoL could be damaging.

A Library of Select Publications on Data Quality and IoT

CRE Publications

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Academic Publications

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