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01/04/2021  A question in some minds is whether the Administration will expand OIRA jurisdiction to include independent agencies in order to bolster its attack on climate change? The other side of the coin is why would a recently seated Administration with its myriad of issues  take on the Congress at this time? A premature action by the Administration could unleash the first bipartisan action in years, the foundation of which is for the Congress to protect what they consider to be rightfully theirs.

01/01/2021 The Biden Administration is giving very serious consideration to the person it is going to name as the Administrator of OIRA  notwithstanding minimal press coverage. A possible consideration might be whether the announcement will be before or after the Georgia runoff elections which will determine which party conducts the confirmation hearing. That said, it might take some time to determine the winner of the runoff.  [ Editor’s Note:  No need for an inquiry; CRE does not take positions on the decision of  a President with respect to appointments within an Administration.]

Also note that the recently named Staff Secretary to the President-elect, Ms. Jessica Hertz, served as a Counselor to the Administrator of OIRA.

[Vintage (1969) information on the evolution of benefit-cost analysis into federal rulemaking is on this post and here is corresponding background information on the establishment of OIRA.]


Editor’s Note:  CRE will post information provided by credible sources regarding regulatory related actions underway in the Biden Administration. Provide your views at or call 202.887.5826; names of sources will not be disclosed.

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