CRE Comment: Questions to Nominees for the Administrator of OIRA

After being in operation for four decades, OIRA may be facing a precedential  transformation. For example in a post located herein titled “On Climate, Biden Must Do More Than Undo  Trump’s Damage“,  the Associate Editor of the Scientific American concludes:

Biden will have to work through executive orders, and will have to charge federal agencies such as the Environmental Protection Agency with issuing new regulations under existing laws such as the Clean Air Act. He will need to “turn every stone possible,” says Narayan Subramanian, an environmental lawyer working with the Center for Law, Energy & the Environment at Berkeley Law. The most immediate focuses are transportation, power plants, methane emissions and pesky hydrofluorocarbons.

City Wire USA concludes:

Regulation of the financial services space is likely to change during Joe Biden’s presidency. The key question is how much.

NB  CRE notes that most financial regulations have reporting and recordkeeping requirements, each of which must be approved by OIRA pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act.

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