FDA’s Noteworthy Program to Assess the Effectiveness of its Messages to the Stakeholders of the Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH)

FDA states it is going to:

“to conduct educational and public information programs relating to the safety of regulated medical devices and radiation-emitting products. FDA must conduct needed research to ensure that such programs have the highest likelihood of being effective. Improving communications about medical devices and radiation emitting products will involve many research methods, including individual in-depth interviews, mall-intercept interviews, focus groups, self-administered surveys, gatekeeper reviews, and omnibus telephone surveys.”

An effective communications program involves the identification of target audiences, assessing the effectiveness of alternative messages and performing evaluative research concerning the best methods for dissemination of the referenced materials.

The aforementioned materials could have an immense impact on the financial viability of a regulated product. Accordingly CRE, the Center for Regulatory Effectiveness, will make periodic reports on the progress of CDRH on the following website:  The Federal Financial Forum.


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