Scammers hit US government cybersecurity contractor with W-2 phishing scam – report

From: International Business Times

Defence Point Security reportedly notified employees that cybercriminals got their hands on W-2 tax data.


A US government cybersecurity contractor has reportedly fallen victim to scammers who accessed the firm’s W-2 tax data, after an employee became a target of their phishing scam. The cybercriminals allegedly got their hands on sensitive and personal data of employees, including name, social security number, address, compensation and tax withholding amounts, thanks to a targeted spear phishing email.

Defence Point Security’s CEO George McKenzie reportedly sent out an email notifying around 200 to 300 employees nationwide of the breach, according to a report by security journalist Brian Krebs. The email, however, did not specify when the incident occurred and how many employees were affected.

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