Public Comment Requested on Two Federal Reports Which Affect the Federal Regulation of Insurance Premiums

Two higly influential reports have been issued dealing with insurance premiums One study which was authored by the White House: “looks at trends in premiums for American families over the last decade at the state and national level.”

The other study, authored  by the Congressional Budget Office and the Joint Committee on Taxation: “… analyzed how health insurance premiums might be affected by enactment of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, as proposed by Senator Reid on November 18, 2009.”

The aforementioned institutions not only played a  major role in the formulation of policies which grant  price control authority to the newly enacted HHS insurance office but  these same institutions will play an equally significant role in the development of regulations implementing the new healthcare act.

 The public is asked to provide comments  on these studies in order to provide one basis for assessing the need and scope of federal price control of  insurance premiums relative to price control at the state level.

If as a result of the public comment period significant inaccuracies are identified, then CRE will give consideration to filing a Request for Correction, where applicable, under the Data [Information] Quality Act. .

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