Red Tape on the Upswing

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How much do federal regulations cost? That question has been debated for decades. The truth is that nobody knows for sure. But we do know the cost is very high—and new rules are being added to the pile at a disturbing rate. According to figures we have compiled, 43 major regulations—imposing more than $100 billion in new, annually recurring regulatory costs—were adopted during the past seven years of Barack Obama’s presidency.


The Checks & Balances of the Regulatory State

From: Real Clear Policy

By Paul R. Verkuil

The regulatory state is deeply misunderstood. No one denies the importance of federal agencies in formulating the rules that shape the modern economy and civil society. But the regulatory state is not, as its critics maintain, an illegitimate “Fourth Branch” of government, operating on its own. It is, instead, a vital function of government, which is part of the executive branch (though not within the White House), and is subject to numerous constitutional checks and balances.


How Private Food Safety Standards Restrict Access to Markets (and the Desirability of Doing So)

Editor’s Note: To understand the regulatory role of private standards, see An Updated Look at the Federal Policies Governing How Agencies Use Voluntary Consensus Standards in Regulatory, Procurement, and Science Documents.

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by Sam Halabi

How Should “Administrative Law” Be Taught Today?

Editor’s Note: For more information on the future of legal education, see CRE’s letter to the American Association of Law Schools, Professor Farber’s LegalPlanet blog post, and CRE’s letter to the American Bar Association’s Standards and Accreditation Committee.

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