Economic Analysis by Federal Financial Regulators

Editor’s Note: The complete Working Paper, Economic Analysis by Federal Financial Regulators, is attached here.

From: Mercatus Center/George Mason University

By Hester Peirce

The Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act (“Dodd-Frank”)[1] gave U.S. financial regulators a long list of regulations to write. Despite the sweeping nature of the Dodd-Frank changes, Dodd-Frank does not generally require regulators to conduct economic analysis.[2] Further, most of the regulators charged with implementing Dodd-Frank are not subject to the standard regulatory analysis requirements for government rulemaking. Economic analysis can play a valuable role in assisting regulators in deciding whether and how to regulate, but very few financial regulators take advantage of this tool of their own volition.

Historical Perspective and Better Regulatory Governance: An Agenda for Institutional Reform

Editor’s Note:  The paper, “Historical Perspective and Better Regulatory Governance: An Agenda for Institutional Reform” is attached here.

It should be noted that CRE has devoted a significant amount of resources on maintaining the most complete history of centralized regulatory review available at any location.

The website is  TheOMB.US  and is visited constantly by legal scholars.




From: The Rethinking Regulation Paper Series organized by the Kenan Institute for Ethics at Duke University

By Edward Balleisen, Associate Professor of History, Duke University, and Elizabeth Brake, Candidate, History Department, Duke University

BRT Letter to Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs and Office of Management and Budget

Editor’s Note:  The signed pdf of the Business Roundtable (BRT) letter to OIRA may be found here.

From: Business Roundtable

Re: Advise the Advisor-Streamlining Federal Regulations to Help Businesses and Individuals

In response to the July 18, 2012 invitation to submit ideas for streamlining federal regulations, Business Roundtable (BRT) respectfully submits these comments.