From: InterAgency Journal 8-2 |The Simons Center for Interagency Cooperation

by Joshua D. Foss

From: Tobacco Control

Rebecca S Williams1,2, Jason Derrick1, Aliza Kate Liebman3, Kevin LaFleur1, Kurt M Ribisl1,4


Objective Identify the population of internet e-cigarette vendors (IEVs) and conduct content analyses of their age verification, purchase and delivery methods in 2013 and 2014.

Methods We used multiple sources to identify IEV websites, primarily complex search algorithms scanning more than 180 million websites. In 2013, we manually screened 32 446 websites, identifying 980 IEVs, selecting the 281 most popular for content analysis. This methodology yielded 31 239 websites for screening in 2014, identifying 3096 IEVs, with 283 selected for content analysis.

From: Tobacco Reporter

High nicotine strategy

The 22nd Century Group said yesterday that the US Food and Drug Administration had granted it authorization to conduct a clinical trial on its Brand B low tar-to-nicotine ratio cigarettes.

In a press note, the company, which has recently been promoting its low-nicotine cigarettes as potential harm reduction tools, said the trial was ‘designed to confirm that as smokers make the adjustment to a higher nicotine cigarette, they take in less smoke because the nicotine is more readily available’.

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