From: Tobacco Control

Silver D1, Giorgio MM1, Bae JY1, Jimenez G1, Macinko J2.



New York City (NYC) has strict minimum cigarette price and tax stamp laws, but evidence regarding the extent of evasion of such laws in over-the-counter sales is scarce.


830 packs were purchased at licensed tobacco retailers at 92 randomly selected neighbourhoods in NYC in spring and fall 2014, following the establishment of NYC’s minimum price law. The χ2 analyses of illegal tax stamps on pack, by retailer type and data collection period, are presented.

From: The Lancet | Oncology

Sanjeet Bagcchi

According to a new study, illicit trade and consumption of cigarettes in Brazil has increased substantially in recent years, despite a reduction in smoking prevalence, as a result of the government’s initiatives to increase tobacco taxes.

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