An Initial Step by the Private Sector to Use Interactive Public Dockets

The Washington Post reports on July 15:

“Unlike most companies, which tend to work out their differences with reporters behind the scenes, Koch (pronounced coke) often takes its feuds public using KochFacts [ ] as its spearhead…..KochFacts also posts lengthy, point-by-point critiques of news stories and calls out reporters for alleged factual errors and biases”.

Upon first reading it appears that KochFacts is the initial stage of an Interactive Public Docket (IPD),  a communications mechanism championed by CRE for a number of years.

The interactive nature of the Koch website occurs through its “Contact” tab.

EU plots transatlantic bank regulator

From: The Telegraph

The European Union is to push for an agreement on banking and financial services as a key part of this week’s historic trade talks with the US which could see the introduction of an American-European super-regulator.

By James Quinn, and Katherine Rushton

Sources indicated that the agreement is seen as the major priority for the UK, given the role of the City in the international economy.

It is understood that EU negotiators will push for a core agreement on financial regulation and principles, but also discuss how regulation should be enforced in the future. It is possible that, as a result of the talks, some form of transnational super-regulator could be established, which would take a lead on financial regulation across the two economic super powers.

Federal Reserve adopts tougher capital requirements for banks

From: Los Angeles Times

By Jim Puzzanghera

WASHINGTON — The Federal Reserve on Tuesday adopted tougher  requirements for banks — part of an international agreement designed to prevent another financial crisis — and opened the door to even stricter rules for the nation’s biggest institutions.

The new standards, part of the so-called Basel III accord, require banks to hold more and higher quality capital to offset potential losses. The rules also change the way the risks of certain types of assets are calculated.