GAO to OIRA: Link Retrospective Review to Agency GPRMA Goals

Editor’s Note:  GAO’s report, “Reexamining Regulations: Agencies Often Made Regulatory Changes, but Could Strengthen Linkages to Performance Goals. GAO-14-268” is attached here. The GAO report discusses the importance of retrospective review analysis and emphasizes the need for OIRA improve the links between retrospective analysis and Agency Priorty Goals (APGs)under the GPRA Mondernization Act (GPRMA). GAO also highlighted that they found greater transparency compared with 2007.

The following is an excerpt from the GAO report,

OIRA staff were supportive of identifying ways to improve agencies’ posting and reporting of retrospective analyses and progress updates. In response to our second recommendation, OIRA staff agreed and said the agency is currently working on strategies to help facilitate agencies’ ability to consider and improve how retrospective reviews can be used to help inform APGs, and otherwise be better integrated into agency strategic decision making. In response to our third recommendation, OIRA staff agreed, emphasizing that this remains a priority and therefore they would continue to monitor the extent to which agencies implement the guidance on retrospective regulatory review requirements. Further, OIRA staff said that as part of its review of agencies’ rules, unified agendas, and regulatory plans, OIRA will continue to encourage agencies to identify beforehand how they will evaluate the effectiveness of a regulation after it has been put in place. OIRA staff also provided technical comments and clarifications, which we incorporated as appropriate.


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