The National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) recently submitted a letter to Congressman Issa and the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

NAM identified the following regulations as harming job growth:

1. PHMSA Hazardous Materials: Transportation of Lithium Batters

2. EPA Utility MACT

3. EPA Clean Water Act Jurisdiction

4. EPA Hydraulic Fracturing

5. EPA Greenhouse Gas Regulations New Source Performance Standards

6. EPA Cooling Water Intake Structures

7. EPA/DOJ Environmental Justice

8. NLRB Poster Rule

9. NLRB Ambush Elections

10. DOL OFCCP Hiring Rule

11. DOL Persuader Rule

12. DOL OSHA Hazard Communication Rule

13. DOL OSHA Silica Rule

14. USDA Lacey Act Requirements

15. SEC Special Disclosures Section 1502 (Conflict Materials)

16. CPSC Standard for Recreation Off-Highway Vehicles

17. CPSC Standard for Table Saws

18. CBP Changes to the In-Bond Process

19. General Reform to the Regulatory System


NAM’s Comments are available in their entirety here: NAM Letter to Congressman Issa and Congressman Jordan