Chafee Announces Release of the Regulatory Look Back Report

Editor’s Note: The importance of retrospective regulatory review is being recognized by State governments as well as by OIRA.


Anthony Faccenda, GoLocalProv News Contributor

As part of this Regulatory Reform Initiative, Gov. Lincoln Chafee has announced the release of the Period One Regulatory Look Back Report, which was issued by the Office of Management and Budget’s (OMB) Office of Regulatory Reform (ORR).

“This report is a step forward for regulatory reform and is the first time our state has taken on the tremendous task to look internally for improvements to the regulatory process,” Chafee said. “It is an encouraging start, and we will continue to move toward our goal of a simpler regulatory process and an improved business climate for our state.”

According to ORR Director Leslie Taito, the report offered key findings and recommendations, which will help the state create a more proactive regulatory landscape.

“This report is the culmination of the Period One review of Rhode Island’s existing regulations. The data provided by regulatory entities disclose new insight into the complex landscape of regulations and their effect on those they regulate. This is the beginning of partnership among our office, regulators and the business community to streamline the regulatory process,” said Taito.

Announced in September 2012, the Regulatory Reform Initiative looks to make Rhode Island more business-friendly by requiring state agencies to review 25 percent of its regulations each year for four years to identify any adverse effects on small businesses.

A copy of the report can be viewed on the Department of Administration website at



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