Some Thoughts from Jim Tozzi on the 50th Anniversary of Centralized Regulatory Review

From: Notice & Comment | A Blog from the Yale Journal on Regulation and the ABA Section of Administrative Law & Regulatory Practice

by Chris Walker

Over at the Center for Regulatory Reform, Jim Tozzi (who was in charge of OIRA in the early 1980s) has the following thoughts on the fiftieth anniversary of centralized regulatory review:


Time Magazine has stated that Executive Order 12291 is one of nine executive orders that has “changed the course of America”; steps should be taken to ensure that executive orders abide by the high standards established by Executive Order 12291. Failure to do could result in a game changing intervention by either the Congress or the Courts which would jeopardize centralized regulatory review.  It is for this reason that there is a need to review the procedures and standards used for the formulation and implementation of executive orders as set forth in The 50th Anniversary of Centralized Regulatory Review.

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