CRE’s Emphasis on Data Access and Data Quality is Rooted in the Paperwork Reduction Act Amendments of 1995

Editor’s Note: See also The Data Access Act, the Data Quality Act and the Paperwork Reduction Act: Three Cornerstones of Evidence-Based Rulemaking and Transparency in Regulatory Science: A History Lesson.

From: Regulatory Pacesetters


The Data Access Act and the Data Quality Act were passed because notwithstanding continued requests by members of Congress for OMB to comply with the aforementioned statutes OMB refused to comply with the prevailing statute.



N. B.  A close reading of the aforementioned letter from a Member of Congress makes clear that there were Congressional hearings on the DQA well before its enactment. The hearings were in the Appropriations Committees—not the legislative committees—because the Congress had previously enacted a statute, the Paperwork Reduction Act, directing OMB to issue data quality guidelines. Therefore the myriad of press accounts over the last two decades charging that there were no Congressional hearings (WK DQA) are false and might have preceded the concept of fake news.

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