Regulatory Reform Should Be About Strengthening Legislative Responsibility

From: The Regulatory Review

Countries like Australia and Canada offer models for reining in delegation of lawmaking authority to agencies.

The Trump Administration’s deregulation efforts have so far made some progress in stemming the growth of federal rulemaking. New analysis from the Heritage Foundation finds that the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs, which conducts reviews of agency analyses of significant new regulations, has carried out the fewest reviews of new rules since record-keeping began in the 1990s.


Each of these countries has a permanent legislative committee to oversee and review delegated legislation. None is perfect. Regulations and executive rulemaking have certainly not disappeared. But these committees at least in theory can serve to enhance public transparency and executive accountability. The experience in these other countries offers strengths and weaknesses that can inform U.S. lawmakers on how best to strengthen the role of congressional oversight over executive action.

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