Social Entrepreneurs and the Management of the Regulatory State, The Latent Need to Update Law School Curricula

From: CRE Presentation to the The Southeastern Association of Law Schools | 2017 SEALS Annual Conference Boca Raton, Florida


Implications for Centralized Regulatory Review

It is the view of CRE that if the federal regulatory process were pro-active in terms of social entrepreneurs providing ingenious solutions to regulatory issues there would be less incentive for politicians to resort to Draconian measures to correct a tilt in the regulatory state. The strong presence of social entrepreneurs would also lead to the formation of a national constituency for OIRA which would shelter it in part from interest group demands for ideological solutions to regulatory issues.


We have often heard of the need for smart regulation but what we need is smart regulators. Smart regulators look outside the narrow stovepipe solutions of their particular discipline, take ownership of an issue and remain with it as a passion until the said solution is implemented; smart regulators are social entrepreneurs. An expansion of law school curricula sets the stage for the development of social entrepreneurs.

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