Patience is still a virtue in the regulatory process

Editor’s Note: See, Regulatory Deossification Revisited.

From: Washington Examiner

by Jerry Ellig & Andrew M. Baxter


Like rumors of Mark Twain’s death, tales of a decades-long regulatory slowdown have been greatly exaggerated. And for the important regulations, investing some extra time is exactly what we should be doing to make sure we get the decisions right.

For decades, the president’s executive orders on regulatory analysis and review have reflected a bipartisan consensus: Agencies should have certain critical pieces of information in hand before they make regulatory decisions. These include an understanding of the nature and cause of the problem the agency seeks to solve, a set of reasonable alternative solutions, and estimates of the benefits and costs of each alternative. Currently, OIRA reviews regulations and the accompanying analysis from executive branch agencies to help ensure that they have done their homework.

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