Senator Lieberman Addresses Syms

From: The Commentator

Author: Adam Kramer

The Syms School of Business community was fortunate to hear from Senator Joseph Lieberman on Tuesday November 17th, where the former Senator from Connecticut and current occupant of the Lieberman Chair of Public Policy and Public Service at Yeshiva University spoke on the topic of “Why American Business Needs a Strong Federal Government, But Not Too Strong.”


Finally, while the government is in charge of implementing laws and regulations based on the legislation and instruction that Congress gives them, they don’t always do such a great job. Congress themselves have come back to override or rewrite legislation that hasn’t shown its intended results, and though the courts have the right to review legislation, because of presumption of constitutionality, courts rarely overturn congressional legislation. As a result, the government’s laws and regulations sometimes didn’t accomplish their intended goal or were otherwise ineffective. In 1980, the government created an Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) to review regulations before they’re put into place, ensuring that the regulations are the best way to accomplish the goal set by Congress with its legislation.

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