• EU Commission Report on the Progress of the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy

    The EU Commission recently released its report on the progress of the EU’s Integrated Maritime Policy.  The report concluded:

    The Integrated Maritime Policy was created to reaffirm the maritime dimension of European Union. It has grown from this vision into a tool delivering concrete benefits for maritime growth and sustainability in Europe. As shown in this Report, the strong contribution of maritime sectors to Europe’s economy and the objectives of the Europe 2020 strategy is reinforced by coordinated action to lower costs, improve resource efficiency, reduce risks, support innovation and make better use of public money.

    The Commission is setting the best possible conditions for sustainable economic development to come from the sea. Building on those achievements, Blue Growth is the objective for the coming years. During Cyprus’s Council Presidency, an informal Ministerial Conference on IMP will be a major stepping stone towards this goal. Blue Growth will drive a second phase of the Integrated Maritime Policy to achieve a healthy maritime economy that delivers innovation, growth and sustainability for European citizens.”



    The report is available in its entirety here

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