• New Marine Protection Areas Could Spell Catastrophe for Orkney

    That’s the title of an article published the Herald Scotland. The entire article reads as follows:

    “Orkney Islands Council (OIC) sees this as the biggest threat it is currently facing and is now calling on the Scottish Government to put proposals for the new marine Special Protection Areas (SPAs) on ‘immediate hold’ rather than go out to consultation.

    Two draft SPAs are proposed for Orkney. The first covers the world famous natural harbour of Scapa Flow, home to the Flotta oil terminal, as well as the Pentland Firth.

    The second would encompass a large area to the north of the Orkney Mainland.

  • Conferences on Marine Protected Areas

    The University of Washington publishes the MPA News: international news and analysis on marine protected areas. Their website includes and periodically updates a list of conferences relevant to marine protected areas and/or marine ecosystem-based management.

    This website is available here.