• Costa Rica Adds 82 Thousand Hectares of Marine Protected Area

    The Costa Rico Star published the following article:

    “When it comes to the 82,000 hectares of marine area, according to information provided by the Association Costa Rica Por Siempre, in order to create this area in the Nicoya Peninsula which involves a large part of the coastal line of the Cobano district, from Punta Cocobolo to Playa Manzanillo, it took 6 years of dialogue and negotiations between the productive sector, the touristic sector, communities and government institutions. Finally in June, they officially created the Marine Management Area of Cabo Blanco.

    Institutions such as the Ministry of Environment, the National Coast Guard Service, the National System of Areas of Conservation and the Fisheries and Aquaculture Institute ( Incopesca) all contributed to this achievement. The 82,093 marine hectares of Cabo Blanco protect the nesting of sea turtles, coral formations, migratory areas for whales and dolphins, and reproduction areas for different fish species of commercial importance. This also promotes the commitment of the nearby communities to eliminate contamination, trawling, and other practices that hurt the environment.”

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