• Establishing protected areas for sustainable marine tourism (Jakarta Post)

    From: Jakarta Post

    Establishing marine protected areas in Bali is a solution toward sustainable tourism and protecting the island from environmental degradation caused by rapid and largely uncoordinated development, experts said in a recent discussion.

    “Establishing marine protected areas is a must, because it can provide significant social and economic benefits, and it will ensure better management of resources if we wish to achieve sustainability in the fishery and tourism sectors,” said Jamaluddin Jompa, a marine expert from Hasanuddin University.

  • Johnson center to lead marine ecosystem group (Cornell Chronicle)

    From: Cornell Chronicle

    The Samuel Curtis Johnson Graduate School of Management’s Center for Sustainable Global Enterprise will lead a $2.3 million effort to improve economic links to marine ecosystems following the signing of an agreement Nov. 6 by the World Bank in Washington, D.C.

    Mark Milstein, clinical professor of management and director of the center, will lead a team of international researchers to improve the link between local economies and the natural wealth of coastal communities in the East Asia-Pacific region.

  • Marine Spatial Planning – A Guide for Maritime Professionals (Maritime Executive)

    From: Maritime Executive

    As the need for Marine Spatial Planning (MSP) – and its development – continues to grow, The Nautical Institute has worked with the World Ocean Council to produce a guide aimed at helping maritime professionals to better understand MSP and take a more active role in representing shipping issues within the process.


    Titled The Shipping Industry and Marine Spatial Planning – a professional approach and launched today (Friday) at a seminar hosted by the Institute’s Hong Kong branch, the guide provides an overview of the key shipping-related issues that need to be considered in developments to ensure that shipping issues are harmonised with other stakeholders to best serve society as a whole.

  • First Ocean Energy Company Joins World Ocean Council (Fish Info & Services)

    From: Fish Info and Services

    Resolute Marine Energy (RME) has joined the World Ocean Council (WOC) as the first company from the emerging marine renewable energy sector in the global ocean industry leadership coalition.

    RME is developing and deploying technologies that harness ocean wave energy to produce electricity and fresh water in areas where there is a weak or non-existent electrical grid, and where desalination can have a positive impact for coastal communities.

    Bill Staby