• NOAA Requests Nominations for National Marine Sanctuary Advisory Councils

    The U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s National Ocean Service, Office of National Marine Sanctuaries is requesting applications for vacant seats for 7 of its 13 national marine sanctuary advisory councils. Applicants are chosen based upon their particular expertise and experience in relation to the seat for which they are applying; community and professional affiliations; views regarding the protection and management of marine or Great Lake resources; and possibly the length of residence in the area affected by the sanctuary. Applicants who are chosen as members or alternates should expect to serve two- or three year terms, pursuant to the charter of the specific national marine sanctuary advisory council.

  • Wildlife Trusts Want Marine Protected Areas Off Coasts of England and Wales

    The Wildlife Trusts have asked the British Government to create 17 protected zones for whales, dolphins, porpoises and sharks around the coasts of England and Wales. The Trusts claim that current Government policy fails to safeguard cetaceans.

    The government says it is working to support the creatures, and adds that it is not convinced protected zones offer the best way forward.

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