• UN Resolution to Protect Marine Environments

    Mongabay posted the following article:

    “UN General Assembly adopts resolution to move forward with high seas treaty negotiations

    by Mike Gaworecki on 26 December 2017

    • The General Assembly of the United Nations adopted a resolution on Sunday to convene negotiations for an international treaty to protect the marine environments of the high seas.
    • Earth’s high seas represent about two-thirds of the oceans, but are not governed by any one international body or agency and there is currently no comprehensive management structure in place to protect the marine life that relies on them.
  • Costa Rica Adds 82 Thousand Hectares of Marine Protected Area

    The Costa Rico Star published the following article:

    “When it comes to the 82,000 hectares of marine area, according to information provided by the Association Costa Rica Por Siempre, in order to create this area in the Nicoya Peninsula which involves a large part of the coastal line of the Cobano district, from Punta Cocobolo to Playa Manzanillo, it took 6 years of dialogue and negotiations between the productive sector, the touristic sector, communities and government institutions. Finally in June, they officially created the Marine Management Area of Cabo Blanco.