• Environment commissioner recommends marine development plan (Malta Today)

    From: Malta Today

    The Commissioner for the Environment and Planning in the Office of the Parliamentary Ombudsman, David Pace recommended that a marine subject plan to regulate the development of the coast and surrounding seas be carried out in the full revision of the local plans that is now being undertaken by Government.

    Although the commissioner does not refer specifically to the government’s land reclamation plans, a marine subject plan to regulate the development of the coast and surrounding seas would necessarily deal with this issue.


    From: Malta Independent

    Din l-Art Helwa welcomes the request made to the government by the Commissioner for Environment and Planning, to assess the use of marine and coastal areas in a holistic manner in the revision of the Local Plans.

    Din l-Art Helwa points out that the Environment Policy of 2012 requires the preparation of a Maritime Spatial Plan which will provide an integrated framework for future developments in Malta’s marine waters.

    In its submissions for the revision of local plans sent to MEPA this August, Din l-Art Helwa maintained that measures from the Environment Policy of 2012 should be included and implemented and these include marine spatial planning. Din l-Art Helwa calls on the government to confirm that this will be carried out.

  • Celebrating coastal and marine spatial planning (South Coast Today)

    From: South Coast Today 

    If you have ever had to endure one of those workplace team building exercises, you know how much you kicked yourself for not calling in sick.

    Then again, these sessions are usually mandatory, employees being a captive audience for expensive management consultants who dream up silly and stupid “fun” ways to supposedly build mutual trust and cooperation.

    When the government does it, managers can really go to town. A ranking manager at the U.S. General Services Administration famously had to step down when Congress got the details of the $823,000 GSA spent on a five-day conference in Las Vegas. The bill included $75,000 for bicycles that attendees had to assemble to foster teamwork.

  • Govt promises public consultation over giant marine nature reserve (Royal Gazette)

    From: Royal Gazette

    Government is still considering a plan to turn a vast portion of Bermuda’s waters into a marine nature reserve.

    However a spokeswoman for the Ministry of Environment, Planning and Infrastructure strategy said the public will be consulted before any action is taken.

    “Prior to making a decision on whether or not such a zone will be created, the Government will undertake a public education and public consultation exercise in order to determine the views of the Bermudian people,” she said. “Upon consideration of those views, the Government will then determine if such a Marine Protected Area will be created, and if so, the location, size, shape and the nature of protections to be associated with it.

  • Poole to host European Maritime Day in 2017 (BBC)

    From:  BBC

    Poole has been successful in its bid to host European Maritime Day in 2017.

    The event, held annually on 20 May, includes a two-day conference with speeches led by maritime experts from all over Europe.

    Topics will include renewable energy, sustainable fishing and coastal erosion.

    A maritime-themed festival featuring tall ships, flotillas, a pageant, and yacht and power boat racing is also planned.

    Conservative MEP Julie Girling, who represents South-West England said: “This is an opportunity to really put Poole on the map in Europe and showcase what a great place it is.”