• CRE Comments on the National Ocean Council’s Draft Implementation Plan

    The Center for Regulatory Effectiveness submitted comments on the National Ocean Council’s (NOC) Draft National Ocean Policy Implementation Plan.  The CRE recommended:

    To ensure public involvement in the implementation of CMSP and to ensure that CMSP is based on sound science, CRE recommends that:

    (1)   NOC publishes in the Federal Register a notice of its intentions to include non-federal datasets on ocean.data.gov, thereby giving the public an opportunity to provide meaningful data to the NOC on  a 24/7 basis.

    (2)   NOC continue to emphasize that no data from a non-federal database can be utilized by the NOC unless it determines that such data is DQA compliant.

    (3)   NOC submit and obtain approval from OMB of an Information Collection Request (ICR)  for public input on the use of non-federal data for ocean.data.gov.

    In this era of tight fiscal constraints, it is important for the NOC to have the ability to use data from a wide range of non-federal sources.

    Click here to read the comments in the entirety: Comments on draft implementation plan–Center for Regulatory Effectiveness 2-24

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