• Updating a Government Report 24/7

    The  federal government routinely issues reports on a wide variety of issues. Federal agencies often request public comments on a draft report prior to issuing it in final form.

    Why not allow the public to update the report on a 24/7 time schedule?  The federal government would benefit from  public comments on comments submitted on the draft report as  well as having  a data base for subsequent revisions of the  report.

    CRE has made a recommendation to the White House OSTP with respect to its report on oceans, Charting the Course.  More specifically, CRE recommends that OSTP make public all the comments it received. CRE will post them on an Interactive Publlic Docket,  http://www.thecre.com/blog/, invite comments on each of the comments submitted to OSTP, issue periodic reports on the comments received, and keep the docket open 24/7  as a basis for future revisions to the report.

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