• OIRA’s 30th Anniversary

    The  thirtieth anniversary of OMB’s regulatory review office, OIRA–the Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs,  was celebrated on Friday, May 20th.  The event was sponsored by Susan Dudley, a former OIRA Administrator,  who presently heads the George Washington University Regulatory Studies Center.

    Virtually all former Administrator’s and Deputy Administrators made presentations, including Jim Tozzi, the first Deputy Administrator of OIRA.

    The Bureau of National Affairs Reports:

    Jim Tozzi, the first deputy administrator of OIRA, said the institution gives a protective shield against the wholesale dismantling of regulatory agencies, which play an integral role in society.

    “And I think a strong OIRA will maintain them by not letting them go off and do crazy things,” Tozzi said.

    The Tozzi presentation is at  http://www.thecre.com/pdf/20110523_OIRA_GWU_2.pdf




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