• Report to NOAA Science Advisory Board on Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning

    The NOAA Science Advisory Board held a meeting on May 16, 2011.  The subject of the meeting was a report prepared by the Ecosystem Science and Management Working Group (ESMWG) on Strategic Advice on Designing and Implementing Coastal and Marine Spatial Plans.

    CRE believes that it is an excellent report and applauds the work done by the ESMWG.  Specifically, CRE agrees with the recommendation that metrics must be defined to judge the performance of the plan before the plan is developed.  This will enable NOAA and the National Ocean Council to acheive successful ecological and economic outcomes.

    Please find the report and supporting materials below:

    Transmittal Letter

    ESMWG CMSP Report


    Please find a summary of the NOAA Science Advisory  meeting and its approval of the report:

    NOAA Scientific Advisory Board Meeting

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