• Greenpeace Alerts Invasion of Preservation Areas

    Editor’s Note: From CRE Brazil http://cre.org.br/

    Greenpeace, Brazil has just launched the atlas, Mar, Petróleo e Biodiversidade – A geografia do conflito (Ocean, Oil and Biodiversity – The Geography of the Conflict). On crossing data from the Ministries of the Environment and Mines and Energy, the NGO found that 44% of the Brazilian waters are considered a priority area for preservation, but only 2.57% of the total has been transformed into federal preservation units. However, 8.77% of the area that should be transformed into protected biodiversity zones has become areas for oil and gas exploration.

    “Our proposal is that there be a reordering of the territorial water so that sustainable exploration can be done. Live ocean resources need space and time to recover from impacts they are being submitted to,” said Leandra Gonçalves, one of the authors of the atlas.


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