Editorial Policy

OIRA Watch intends to publish items our readers should read — not necessarily all items they could read.

Accordingly the homepage is limited to items of greatest significance and only CRE staff can post articles thereon. However, stakeholders and the public may post comments on articles on the homepage. Therefore it will not be unusual that the homepage may not have new articles on it for an extended period of time.

In order that we focus the attention of the regulated community the home page is restricted to a very limited numer of issues.

On the other hand the Discussion Forums and OIRA News forum to the right of the homepage are available for both initial posts and comments by stakeholders and the public. They will be updated constantly to address topics that OIRA is addressing or should be addressing.

OIRA Watch is highly interactive; our technology allows stakeholders to comment on any article or post their own article in any of the forums on the right hand side of the homepage; no registration is required. Posts may be anonymous and lengthy documents can accompany any post. Posts are time delayed, meaning they only go live after they are monitored to ensure the absence of profanity and no personal attacks on civil servants.

CRE is interested in receiving substantive comments– not one line statements of approval or disapproval.

CRE  reserves the right not to publish posts which:

(1)  contain profane or obscene statements

(2)  personal accusations against federal employees

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